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‘Overwatch’ Competitive Play News: Least Effective, Used Heroes In Matches

First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 04:30 AM EDT
Overwatch Competitive players are dumping particular heroes in favor of others due to changing team composition.
Overwatch Competitive players are dumping particular heroes in favor of others due to changing team composition.

Overwatch competitive players tend to favor particular heroes over another. Current game dynamics also decide which heroes are the most effective and which are not.

Least Used Overwatch Heroes in Windows PC Play

Soldier 76 - The damages he inflict on his opponents is not just powerful especially if the opposing team is using the healer - tanker strategy, according to Force Gaming. His helix rockets can do a lot of burst damage but it can only be used every 8 seconds which is not enough time.

Symmetra - She is a support hero that does well in point defenses and a teleporter as well. However, most Overwatch pro players usually prioritize her as a target. Symmetra's teleportation ability could not even hide her as Genji or Tracer could flash her out in a matter of seconds. Her zone and orb damage does not deal major damage to the enemy either.

Junkrat - He is a capable hero as long as the opposing team does not have a Zarya which is usually not the case. The growing popularity of the tanker - healer combo team has also diminished his effectiveness. Junkrat simply could not kill a tanker character fast enough before it gets healed or charged up.

Torbjorn - His ability to set up turrets has terrified many Overwatch players except the pros. The turrets are stationary which makes it easier taking them out and are only temporary. The turrets can deal solid hits to the opponents but the guns tend to lose its effectiveness once against medium and long range targets.

Bastion - This is an Overwatch defensive hero that can deal a lot of damage especially if it's in Sentry or Tank mode. However, once the opposing team recovers from its surprise attack they can easily field counter hero for it. In fact, there are a lot of heroes that can be effective against him. Possible counters include Tracer, Genji, Widowmaker, Road Hog or Junkrat.

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