iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus: How To Make The Investment Worth It

Despite all the negative press that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been receiving, the unit has still been a hot product in the smartphone market. Plenty of loyalists are still purchasing the products and the truth is they are not wasting their money. The new flagships from Apple are good investments, but there are ways to make it more worthwhile.

Fulfilled Promises

As QZ notes, the features that Apple advertised - which includes but is not limited to a better camera, water-resistance and a better battery life - are all true. The Cupertino based-company has not falsely claimed improvements on their units. The dual lens camera on the iPhone 7, for example, do take much sharper photos with much more vibrant colors.

Meanwhile, while it is not new to the market, the Apple flagships water resistance has been tried and tested over and over again and has succeeded every time. On the other hand, the battery life has improved by at least two hours from its predecessors, which was not only a requested feature, but a necessary one.

Even though, there are plenty of other things that make either unit worth the investment.

Tips And Tricks

As Digital Trends notes, there is plenty that came with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that Apple may not have specifically mentioned. There is definitely more that the handhelds can offer other than the Touch ID, the dual-lens camera and the Lightning port connected earphones.

1. Bedtime - Though it work much like an alarm clock, it theoretically works backwards. As opposed to users choosing an wakeup time, they can opt to input the number of hours they would like to sleep.

Clock → Bedtime Mode

2. 3D Touch - there is definitely more to do with the 3D Touch other than quickly unlocking the device. Hard pressing on the message icon provides quick access to a new message or a shortcut to a recent contact. Furthermore, hard pressing notifications while the phone is locked will lead to a variety of other controls.

3. Raise To Wake - For those that press the homebutton just to check the time and end up unlocking the device, it is possible to activate a feature that will make things less confusing. Raise To Wake only requires the physical lifting of the unit in order to display the Home screen.

Settings → Display and Brightness → Raise to Wake

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Verdict

In no way are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units much more than any other that are in the market right now. There is definitely some stiff competition that makes purchasing the handhelds a little crazy, but there are things that Apple can offer than no other smartphone manufacturer currently does.

And while blind loyalty is definitely something, it is also not the only factor that is pushing certain individuals to purchasing Apple's newest flagships. It may not be what was expected, but Apple never promised to present a diamond in a sea of coal. Likewise, Apple produced a great product, one much better than its predecessor.

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