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'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Patrol Symbols – Quick Guide, When To Kill, Investigate Or Just Stand Still

First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 04:40 AM EDT
There are patrol symbols designated to various missions in Destiny: Rise of Iron.
There are patrol symbols designated to various missions in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will use patrol symbols to designate what kind of mission is assigned to the player's character. Missions can range from a simple reconnaissance to assassinations.

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Need to Complete Specific Missions

Destiny veteran players are familiar with the patrol symbols. In the Rise of Iron expansion, players will need to do a number of particular patrol missions to finish some important quests in the game.

Scout Missions

These are also known as survey patrol mission in Destiny, according to VG247. Players will go to the designated area and stand guard for a short while. Its patrol symbol is a compass. Generally, there is not much action in these missions unless player goes to a place crawling with opponents.

Scan Patrol Mission

 They are also called anomaly missions and its patrol symbol resembles a Ghost. Player will go out to scan and investigate the anomaly if any.

Quarantine Patrol Mission

Missions like these requires player to kill enemy Elite Splicer Units. Afterwards, player will need to defend the designated area from enemy attacks. The Quarantine patrol symbol is the same as the Siva. Players are also given an axe to complete the mission.

Kill Patrol Mission

As the name implies, players simply kill any opponents they meet. Mission ends after player completes the assigned quota of kills. The kill patrol symbol is a large diamond surrounded by four small triangles.

Kill and Collect Items Patrol Missions

This is a variation of the Kill Patrol Missions. Instead of a head count, success is determined by the items or loot collected from the dead. The symbol is an item triangle.

Assassination Patrol Mission

These kinds of missions are rare and there is no current patrol symbol for this one. Target is usually a highly valued one and rewards are also greater.

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