'Secrets and Lies' Season 2: What to Expect?

In the Season 1 of Secrets and Lies, most fans were not satisfied with the fact that Ben Crawford ended up in jail instead of his daughter Abby, the one who killed the 10-year-old Ben. But with its upcoming season, the story promised that Cornell will eventually point out the right guy or girl and put them in jail. Some news spread that Season 2 will also dive into the details of the detective's daughter who is mentally challenged.

The Episode 1 of the series is entitled "The Fall". As cited in International Business Times, the story will move around another murder case that Cornell needs to solve. It will focus on the life of the Warner Family, who lost a family member.

Eric Warner has been the suspect responsible for the death of Kate Warner. Cornell's job was to prove if Eric would be the right person to be convicted of murder.

Producers of the series wanted to make sure that the suspect of the storyline would be very different from Ben. They chose an enviroment entirely different from that of Season 1. If the previous season showed a more sub-urban environment, this time Cornell will get to meet a family that owns a private equity firm. The suspect's personality is different from that of Ben as well. If the former character was not well-versed, Eric is introduced as a well-educated man and is earning the support of his family, as cited in RRstar.

Additional characters in the series made the "Secrets and Lies" expand in a better and a larger territory. Though the series went off for a long time, the story is able to capture the attention of its audience. Not just that, neither the cast nor the staff has any hint as to the identity of the real killer in the story, which would make it more exciting.

The Episode 1 of Season 2 aired on Sunday, September 25 at 9pm.

Viewers could also stream "The Fall" online or by Zee Café on Monday, September 26, 10 pm.

Trailer for "The Fall" is shown below:

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