Xbox One S Challenges Integrity Of PlayStation 4 Pro; Microsoft Says It Has Better Features

By Jomar Teves , Sep 26, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Microsoft and Sony are always in stiff competition against each other because of the continuous onslaught of innovation that the Xbox and PlayStation consoles have exhibited over the years. 

Now, the time has come for Microsoft to bring back the competitive favor to Sony as the PlayStation Plus will not be featuring 4K gaming. Microsoft has taken it to the next level as it burst out in a series of tweets pointing out the failure of Sony's partnership with "Fallout 4."

Microsoft Criticizes Sony And The PlayStation 4 Pro

Alberto Panello, the senior director of product management and planning at Xbox stated to Eurogamer that the statements targeted against Sony, specifically to its newly released PlayStation 4 Pro, is not a form of disrespect but instead a product of truth.

"We've got a product to sell, they've got a product to sell, so we're going to highlight the things we think make our product advantaged over their product... But it doesn't come with a disrespect for what they're doing," Panello said. 

This is a very obvious statement to defend and reason out Microsoft's ongoing pursuit of criticism. Of course, it is not just about bashing, but it is all about the competition. Whichever the case may be, the recurring exchange of criticisms will be normal for both competing parties.

The company heavily believes that 4K is the future of gaming and that if this grows in popularity, then it would surely revolutionize the gaming industry. Surely, Sony will not just let this come to pass, as speculations of criticism regarding the lack of 4K capability for gaming on Microsoft's Xbox One S is a very safe way to get back on Microsoft.

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