'Hawaii Five-0' News And Update: Jack Lord's Cameo, Explained; Chess-Piece Killer Connected To Season 7's Big Bad

By Vasti Marra Pinera , Sep 26, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

"Hawaii Five-0" explains how they made it possible for Steve McGarrett and Jack Lord to meet face to face in the series. Meanwhile, a number of serial killers have emerged in paradise including the Chess-Piece Killer. Fans need not worry as the team will get a lot of help in the coming episodes.

Executive Producer, Peter M. Lenkov, tells in an interview "I originally conceived of the idea - a scene between McGarrett and Jack Lord - to be the final scene in the series, but realized last year that the end was nowhere near and if I wanted to be the first to do something like this, I better commit soon," Fortunately the scene for the two men fits perfectly in season 7's storyline, he added.

After the conceptualization, they had to ask permission from Lord' estate. The estate of the late actor is managed by a bank who, after reading the script, gave their permission. "It wasn't too difficult since they knew this was going to honor his legacy."

And before they were able to make the scene look real, they needed help from Counter Punch Studios and Picture Shop visual effects to create Lord's face in CG version. They cast a body double that resembles Lord's body features.

Lenkov did not want to give away the mystery but hints the new threat "will be even more cerebral than Wo Fat" who has a worldwide crime empire under his command. As the team tries to figure out the Chess-piece mystery, they will have to work with MI-6 agent Harry Langford, played by Chris Vance, to eliminate the terrorist who plans to activate nuclear reactors in Europe. McGarett and Danny also ask help from Alicia Brown, an FBI Profiler, to find the serial killer vigilant.

Hawaii Five-0 airs every Friday at 9:00 PM ET on CBS.

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