‘Final Fantasy XV’ News: Details On Recently Pulled Out Gameplay Video, Offers Custom Xbox One

The latest Final Fantasy XV gameplay video just showed more information about the upcoming features for the video game. Also, fans might get the chance to own a custom Xbox One straight from the official website if they pre-order the game.

As reported on Dual Shockers, the good folks at PlayStation Access livestreamed a new video covering Final Fantasy XV gameplay. The video initialized from a pre-saved game covering a previously played 1 hour, as reported by Yibada.

The new gameplay footage showed very exciting features. Unfortunately, it got shot down from the internet so we will describe it the best we can via the next paragraphs.

The demonstrator showed the game wherein the vehicle, Regalia, is being customized. It had a lot of tweaks and players will surely enjoy trying it out. Users can also change each party member's apparel, ranging from mysterious black to flashy colors. The clothes resemble modern day casual wear. There is a mini-game where users play against Gladio which adds to the plethora of mini-games already expected for Final Fantasy XV.

The video also unveiled a new beach front site, where the party may enjoy and relax with the sun and calming waters, this location also has a mini-game, obviously it's fishing which in the demo, it crashed - what a way to expose bugs. The demo guys then explained that the part of the game is still under construction hence, the crash.

Players can also hunt and cook their bounty, meat, and other ingredients can be gathered from other party members as well.

Another separate scene: the Regalia is being refueled by the protagonists. Putting decals to customize it is also possible, as stated above that the Regalia has a lot of customization features.
How about the custome Xbox One thing?

As stated on Carbuncle Surprise's official website, gamers who have pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV via official Square-Enix online will get a chance to win different goodies. One of them being a, wait for it... a custom Xbox One bearing the "Final Fantasy XV" theme.

The console's design resembles like Noctis' favorite weapon deemed the Engine Blade. The blade is represented by falchion bearing a motorcycle engine located at the hilt.
As stated, the leaked gameplay video got torn down online so here's the trailer for Final Fantasy XV instead:

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