Google Will Introduce New 4K Streaming Machine Called Chromecast Ultra

Rumor suggests that at the Oct. 4 event Google will unveil a new 4K Chromecast called "Ultra."

According to a post on Twitter by electronic device leaker Evan Blass, Google is preparing to launch a new media streaming stick. Based on insider information provided by a person familiar with the company's plans, Blass claims that Google's new streaming device will be called the Chromecast Ultra.

According to PCMag, Blass's leaked photo shows a round, jet-black device that features a short HDMI cable and looks pretty similar to the Chromecast devices that are currently already on the market. According to Android Police, an earlier rumor this month suggested that Google's 4K Chromecast will retail for $69. For this price, the Chromecast Ultra would bring more powerful hardware able of streaming content with 4K resolution from a variety a devices to an HDMI-equipped display.

If the rumor about the price of the upcoming streaming stick is true, that's nearly double the price of the current Chromecast. However, this would still be cheaper than the price many competitors charge, including Roku's new 4K-capable Premier that comes with a price tag of $79.

Google's Chromecast Ultra's difference is that the device will likely not stream on its own. This is currently the situation with Google's media streaming devices already on the market. With current models, users need to connect via Wi-Fi a Google Cast-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

There is also a possibility that Google may eventually abandon the Chromecast name, according to Blass. For instance, the new version of the Chromecast firmware currently available to beta testers uses Google's stylized "G" logo rather than the Chromecast logo.

According to Venture Beat, the Ultra will be able to run firmware version 1.21 at retail and it will allegedly be sold alongside the existing high definition Chromecast dongle, released by Google last year. The 1.21 firmware has been already released in beta form to Chromecast Preview program members.

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