NBA Trade Rumors: Stephen Curry To Re-sign With Warriors Despite Low Salary And Kevin Durant’s Leadership

By Jen Aguilar , Sep 28, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Undeniably, Stephen Curry is one of NBA’s biggest names considering his extraordinary credentials throughout his playing career.

Nabbing “The Greatest Shooter in NBA history” title tops his long list of impressive records followed by the Most Valuable Player awards in two consecutive years.

With his fast solid shooting skills, any ball club will do everything to snatch him from the Golden State Warriors that holds him as their main man.

Next off-season will be the point guard’s first time as an unrestricted free agent and early trade rumors have linked his name to the Los Angeles Lakers due to his strong relations with his former coach Luke Walton. It was noted that Walton has the capabilities to ink a deal with Curry but there are very slim chances of seeing Curry leave his team of seven long years.

No and yes. Stephen slammed any potential trade as he will not make an exit from the Golden State. ESPN reported that Curry confirmed his stay with his current squad after this season. "Yes. Yes," Curry answered to inquiries whether he's confident about returning to the Warriors.

"Maybe, but I'm not going to let it distract me at all. I want to be back here. I like playing here, and that's it,” he replied when asked if he'll consult with Kevin Durant on contract related matters this season.

Durant made headlines when he made his bold move of transferring to the Warriors last July with a two-year, $54 million contract. His contract looks way better than Curry’s but the latter has no reason to be envious as he has no issues to settle in reference to his loyalty with the GSW. Even claims that Durant is likely to replace him as the Warriors’ key player seem to not bother him.

Now that Warriors have the superstars in their roster, the pressure is absolutely tough to get back their glorious championship title.

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