Dragon Quest Builders Demo Available For PS4/Vita, Spoilers, Game Modes, Details Inside

Finally, Dragon Quest Builders has released its much anticipated demo for PS4 and PS Vita users.

The Dragon Quest Builder is a combination of gaming elements, mechanics, and gaming system from Dragon Quest and Minecraft. There are no massive changes or differences on its predecessors however, you can see that there is advancement in its timeline.

Dragon Quest Builders gives you a nostalgic feeling with its simple cinematic display. Players main tasked is to rebuild the world that is now being taken by monsters.

As mentioned, Dragon Quest Builder is the Minecraft version of Dragon Quest series. It is a sandbox action role playing game that is developed by Square Enix. PlayStation 4, PlayStation ,3 and PS Vita are the only gaming consoles that allows you to play the game.

The game was launched in Japan last January this year and will be released worldwide on October 2016.


Gameplay is same with minecraft. Basing on the latest screenshots released, you gain experience and level up depending on the buildup. It has health bar like any other game and you must feed the character over time.


Dragon Quest Builder has the same origins as the Original Dragon Quest. This is set in the world of Alefgard. On a previous note, the ending of Battle Quest is intriguing when the hero accepted the evil Dragonlord's suggestion. The deal was, each of them will rule half of the world; but it didn't happen. It was a trap that deceived the hero and ultimately eliminated him. A new hero must rise up to help defeat the monsters that are currently ruling Alefgard. Players must gather all the materials needed to rebuild the lost land of Alefgard from scratch.

The game received a positive review from respected gaming websites. Famitsu rated it 9, or giving them 36 out of 40 in overall satisfaction.

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