HTC Launches Viveport App Store To Showcase Diverse VR Experiences

By Jiran , Oct 01, 2016 03:33 AM EDT

HTC has launched its Viveport app store to showcase diverse VR experiences. The store was previously only available in China. Now, the tech company is expanding its market in more than 30 countries.

Viveport's general market is anything virtual reality. Gamers worldwide will enjoy their VR experience. However, HTC wants to focus more on a broader selection of VR. Viveport's President Rikard Steiber described it well. He said that that it will be a place where the journey of VR experiences starts.

According to Venture Beat, HTC is holding a sale for the store's promotion. The said 48-hour sale will let customers buy several hit titles for only $1. Among these titles are "theBlu," "Mars Odyssey" and "Firebird: La Peri."

Viveport As An Open Store

The Viveport app store will be an open one. Steiber said during an interview with GamesBeat. Apparently, they will not force developers to place their apps exclusively in the Viveport store. Viveport accepts titles from its rival stores and platforms. Steiber revealed that they are still waiting for the Oculus VR titles.

HTC does not mind the competition. Steiber shared that it's actually good for the ecosystem. VR should be successful on both game consoles and mobile. More consumers will be encouraged to experience the virtual reality experience.

He also commented on the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR headset. Steiber wishes their rival company good luck.

Viveport's VR Games

According to PC World, there are only 60 titles currently available. Steiber has estimated that there are 500 or 600 VR titles across the industry. Venture Beat further states that 90 percent of those are games. Among them are "Cloudlands: VR Minigolf," "Everest VR," "Fantastic Contraption" and "World Diving."

A Wide Array Of VR Experiences

A VR app store is never been this diverse. Steiber shared that it will have VR for art, creativity, education, museum, 360 videos and other categories. He said people will be able to experience immersive content in VR.

That includes the new "theBlu," "Google Spotlight Stories' Pearl," "The Music Room," "Stonehenge VR" and "Lifeliqe." It will be very educational for children. They will learn through virtual tours in planetariums and underwater.

The store's goal is not only the access of wide array VR experience. It also wants to empower content creators to be more engaged with their global VR audience. 

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