Why The iPhone 7 Explosion Case Is Nothing To Worry About

By Justin , Oct 01, 2016 03:26 AM EDT

When the iPhone 7 explosion case showed up online, a mixture of opinions surfaced. There are those who believe that Apple has also created a defective device. Additionally, there are some people who believe that this case is extremely isolated.

iPhone 7 Explosion Case

A Reddit user has recently posted about a certain iPhone 7 that has apparently exploded. The pictures posted was clear enough for people to know that it was indeed an iPhone 7, and it certainly looked like it exploded. An Independent UK post showed that the phone looked burned, bent, and overall just a remnant of what used to be a good iPhone 7. The user explained the post with "Something happened between the factory and delivery." Needless to say, the explosion is hard to explain, mostly because the damage appeared to have been sustained in between transports.

iPhone 7 Explosion Was An Isolated Case

While people can't be blamed for giving this case their utmost attention, it's actually easy to conclude that this isn't as alarming as the Note 7 explosion cases. Well, the first Note 7 explosion reports might have been dealt with less seriously until the records hit sky high. However, backing up Apple blogger 9to5Mac's opinion, it looks like the iPhone 7's reported case is way different than the cases of the defective Note 7 units.

First of all, the Note 7's problem was immediately identified as battery related. This was highly indicated by the fact that the devices explode only when charged or overheated. Also, the explosion cases of the Note 7 surfaced online almost one after the other. This explosion incident of the iPhone 7 on the other hand, is yet to be backed up by another claim. This simply means that as of this moment, it's safe to say that this is an isolated case. Furthermore, fans can just hope that no new incidents of iPhone 7 explosion will be reported in the future.

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