Having Your Galaxy Note 7 Replaced Is Crucial, Latest Explosion Victim Is A 6-Year-Old Boy

By Justine , Sep 13, 2016 03:56 AM EDT

There have already been several reported cases about a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that exploded. However, it seems like the number just keeps on growing. Apparently, not everyone who owns a Samsung Note 7 believes that their device can explode too. Recent reports revealed that yet another Note 7 owner was affected by the exploding Samsung flagship.

6-Year-Old Boy Injured By A Galaxy Note 7

According to PhoneArena, a young boy from Brooklyn was holding the Samsung Note 7 while watching videos when the device exploded. According to the boy's grandmother, Linda Lewis, the flames from the device was enough to start her fire alarms and it was also serious enough to cause burns on the kid's body. He was taken to the hospital but was also released later.

The 6-year-old kid's grandmother shares that the little boy no longer wants to go near any mobile phones. He has also been crying to his mom because of the incident. It was said that Lewis' family has been communicating with Samsung but they declined to share any details about their conversation, AndroidCentral reported.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Recall And Replacement Program

Ever since the company started its official recall for the Samsung Note 7, every Note 7 owner has been advised to participate. There have been quite a few instances of a Galaxy Note 7 exploding and this should be enough to convince the others to have their phones replaced. Just last week, a report also came out about a Note 7 that exploded in a hotel, causing thousands of cash in damage.

However, among many other cases, this incident with the little boy should be enough to draw the line in taking risks. Many owners think that this could not happen to them. But since Samsung has already admitted the defect despite putting their company's reputation at risk, Note 7 owners should admit it to.

If you have an unreturned Samsung Note 7, please initiate the process by going back to your retailer. You can also call Samsung's hotline to get started. Reports say that returned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be replaced by a 'fixed' Note 7 or exchanged with a different Samsung device.

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