‘OK Google’ Voice Command To Be Integrated With Google Map

By Richmoon , Oct 03, 2016 12:20 PM EDT

The "OK Google" voice search feature, which was first introduced in Android 4.0 KitKat, is now integrated with Google Maps.

"OK Google" to Hand-Free Map Navigations

As people approach the end of the year, travelers around the globe are setting and getting themselves ready now for their holiday vacations with their family and friends, whether it is to a nearby place or abroad. Going to new places is never a problem with Google Maps, which is now made easier with the new 'OK Google' voice command integrated with it.

Google started rolling out the new update for its Maps app in Android that will make it even more useful especially when in driving mode.

"The next time you enter navigation mode or driving mode, you can simply say 'Ok Google' followed by a voice command, without needing to tap or even look at the screen," Google said in their blog post.

To use the new feature, users need to activate first the hands-free voice commands, which can be done by going to the Settings->OK Google detection and permitting the While driving setting.

New Voice Commands in Google Maps

Users can ask questions such as "What is my next turn?" and "What's my ETA?" Users can also ask the app to "Show/Hide traffic," "Mute/Unmute voice guidance" and "Avoid tolls/highways/ferries." Moreover, the app can also put traffic-related queries such as "How's traffic ahead?" or even "Show alternate routes." The AI can also respond to a "Send a text" command.

It is another example that while the Google Now naming may be taking a backseat, the new feature is actually spreading throughout the operating system.

Google's new Assistant Al helper's announcement is expected to happen during the company's October 4, "Made by Google" event.

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