Google Maps Adds Ability To Save Areas To SD Card & "Wi-Fi Only" Feature

Google Maps adds new offline features such as the ability to save areas on a SD card and a "Wi-Fi only" feature, as well as more international ride-service options to compare rates in various countries.

According to Search Engine Land, Google added these new features on Monday, August 8. The three new Google Map features come to improve the functionality of the popular application. The update is announced on Google's official blog for its Google Maps app.

Google has announced that users who may want to save on data or Android users with spotty service can turn on the new "Wi-fi only" feature in their Google Maps settings in order to have access to the app when they are offline. According to Google, the update aims to make it easier for Google Maps users (whether in their own backyard or a different country) to get directions even if they do not have access to service or if the access to service is spotty.

The "Wi-Fi only" switch can help users use the Google Maps app entirely offline on Android. And the best part is that users can even save on battery life too. Moreover, users can still use other apps on their phone as they normally would.

On Android devices, Google Maps also added the ability to save an area to an external SD card so that internal storage space is not used for any saved maps. When they select to download an area, Android users will have the option to save the map on a SD Card or on their phone.

In addition to the two newly introduced offline features in the Google Maps, not the application has also upped the number of international ride-service listings in order to offer users the possibility to compare rates in various countries. In Indonesia, Google Maps is now listing Grab and GO-JEK rides along with Uber.

According to CNET, Grab rates are also listed for various cities throughout Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. In Russia, Poland, Ireland, Austria, Italy and Israel, iOS and Android users will have access to Hailo, Gett and MyTaxi rate comparisons.

According to Google, these updates are now available only on Android devices. They will also arrive soon on iOS.

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