Hurricane Matthew Turns Category Four, Should the US be Worried?

Hurricane Matthew just turned category four, which is classified as "extremely dangerous." It is unknown, however, how this will affect the United States.

Hurricane Matthew became category four when maximum winds were measured at 150 MPH near the eye of the storm, Forbes reported. The storm is quickly becoming more aggressive by the day. It went from being a tropical disturbance to a powerful hurricane in just two days and the intensity has doubled in just a day.

Hurricane Matthew is Making its Way to the U.S.

Trackers predict that the storm will get close to the United States at the latter part of next week, but it is unknown what effect it will bring to the country. On Friday, it went on to become a category five, but later weakened to category four, according to Weather.

With its fluctuating strength, there is a chance that its intensity will be exhausted once it hits the U.S. coast. However, there is also the possibility of the other way around happening.

Nevertheless, Florida can expect to experience some showers by next week.

Hurricane Matthew is Wreaking Havoc in the Carribean

While the U.S. still have some time before Hurricane Matthew becomes their problem, it is already a danger to Eastern Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti. As per Accuweather, the hurricane is bringing floods, powerful winds and a storm surge early next week.

"There is a potential for Matthew to bring devastating winds, a deadly storm surge and flooding rain to parts of Jamaica, far western Haiti and eastern Cuba," said Mike Doll, AccuWeather Meteorologist.

While it will be threading along the West, it will turn north to approach the U.S. East Coast.

Hurricane Matthew may weaken into category three, but Doll said that it can still go back to being a category four. More news are expected in the coming days.

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