Florida Watch: Red Tide Alert Next Week

A red tide alert was raised from Sarasota to Bonita Springs on Monday evening.  There have been high levels of red tide recorded towards the north of Collier although no red tide was found in sthe amples.  Dead fish and respiratory irritation have been reported in the areas of Vanderbilt Beach between Vanderbilt Beach Rd. and Delnor-Wiggins State Park.

Large amounts of dead fish are reaching the Manasota Key while the winds are pushing the red tide towards the south.

The entry of Hurricane Matthew can possibly change the situation.  Red Tide alert may or may not be present in the coming weeks.  The National Hurricane Center's projected track shows hurricane is going east of Florida with a possibility that the system could go farther west.  With the forecasters having no definite conclusion yet, it is also impossible to conclude the potential impact it can bring to Florida.

While we've talked about what red tide is, you may want to ask what does red tide means. Is the tide in red? Yes, the color is actually red.  The phenomenon 'alga bloom' is the accumulation of the population of algae in fresh water or marine water system causing discoloration of the pigments.   It forms patches on the water surface; which is visible due to its discoloration.  But sometimes red tide can happen without discoloration.  The dead fish on the water triggers getting sample to check whether red tide is present and where the concentration is.

For people who are asthmatic or have respiratory problems, extra caution is advised.  Red tide can trigger and worsen a person with breathing problems and may even lead to death.

When a red tide alert has been raised in your area, it's better to stay away from beaches for a while and keep safe at home.  Better be safe than sorry.

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