Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Looks Good As An 8-Bit Game

By Joyce Karlan S. Pike , Oct 02, 2016 07:20 PM EDT

Stranger Things is a popular Netflix original series heavily influenced by the science-fiction horror that rose in popularity all the way from the 80's. It's been remade from the cute Stranger Pugs to a hilarious shortened version in three minutes.  But the recent version by CineFix which reimagines the series as an 8-bit game rode us straight down nostalgia lane.

8-Bit Cinema

CineFix is a YouTube channel dedicated to movies and entertainment. It's the "ultimate destination" for true movie buffs and filmmakers on YouTube and they recently released an "8-bit Cinema" of Stranger Things. 8-bit Cinema according to them, reimagines your favorite Hollywood Blockbuster into 80's arcade and NES-inspired action.

The video highlights some of the major scenes from the show depicted in 8-bit, complete with old-school dialogue trees, and 8-bit music by Henry Dutton, it's a solid tribute to the popularity of the genre from the 80's. Directed by David Dutton, it gives us a complete synopsis of the series in about 4 minutes. Check it out:

 Other 8-bit renditions of the series have been made, like the ones by YouTubers Toon Doom and Frank Morales. And one fan even made a real point and click video game for Stranger Things early this year.

Things Will Get Even Stranger

Everyone can't wait for the second season of Stranger Things from Netflix as the first season ended with a very disturbing finale (like oh my God!) where Will Bryers was seen vomiting slugs from the Upside Down. Rumors has it, including a theory from Noah Schnapp himself that Will Bryers may be incubating Demigorgon eggs inside his body. 

Season 2 of Netflix's original series Stranger Things will be released in 2017 and consists of 9 episodes. It stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Natalia Dyer, Cara Buono, Charlie Heaton, and Matthew Modine. 

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