'Stranger Things' Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers & Updates: Producer Shawn Levy Teases 'Next-Level' Crazy Things For New Season

The season 1 of the massive hit Netflix TV series "Stranger Things" has just ended but the pressure for a "crazier" story is already on. Series producer Shawn Levy has recently teased fans by saying how stranger things are yet to come in "Stranger Things" season 2, which is already confirmed to air in 2017.

Netfilx released "Stranger Things" just a couple of months ago, but the smash hit sci-fi series has already become one of the most talked about TV shows of 2016. And now that a second season was finally confirmed in August, fans are keen to find out a few leaks about the upcoming season. Fans are also eyeing the show's plot, whether it can overtake the first season's success with a better and crazier story.

What "Stranger Things" Season 2 Can Offer

"A lot of Season 2 is next-level, some crazy stuff," producer Shawn Levy shared during his Southern California Public Radio appearance. "But we must service these characters who are now beloved, who are known to the audience," he explained. Such goal, however, was seen by Levy to be a quite difficult task.

"The pressure is on," Levy admitted when he was asked how he can assure that the second season will go down as well as the first season. 

"This has been the challenge of it: on the one hand as we've see in the movie world, to do a follow-up that feels like the same thing is disappointing to an audience; to abandon things or change things [from the original], that disappoints the audience," he shared.

Levy also went to the details of how the young cast of the show face the difficulties of shooting the series as well as when the audience respond so well to them being that particular age. It has been documented that Finn Wolfhard's Mike, Gaten Matarazzo's Dustin, Caleb McLaughlin's Lucas and Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven are currently the youngest favorites of sci-fi and adventure-loving fans.

However, these kid stars will be older as the second season of "Stranger Things" debuts next year. Levy encouraged the show's creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer to continue molding characters based on the qualities they see in their chosen actors rather than writing roles that will be a stretch for an actor to play. "I think we're going to stay honest with these kids by growing with them," Levy concluded in his interview.

Meanwhile, the official release of the "Stranger Things" season 2 is yet to be announced, but it was already hinted that the show lands on the streaming service sometime in 2017.

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