‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will Lincoln Die In The Finale?

A lot of spoilers have been going around the internet lately regarding the finale of "Prison Break" Season 5. The latest rumor is that Lincoln Burrows will die on the final episode. This spoiler is now piquing the interest of the TV series' loyal fans.

Michael's Effort To Save Lincoln

In the first four seasons, fans have seen how Michael Scofield, Lincoln's younger brother, tried his best to get his brother break out of prison. Lincoln was incarcerated for the wrongful accusation that he murdered Terence Steadman, brother of the United States Vice President.

Michael had himself admitted into prison so that they could break out together. The fourth season ended with Michael sending Mahone with an explosive device that killed Christina and saved Lincoln.

Lincoln Escapes

Lincoln was now out of prison and freed from the death penalty. However, his younger brother Michael had to bite the dust.

However, at the opening episode of "Prison Break" Season 5, it turned out that Michael is still alive but is behind bars in Yemen. Lincoln is now the one trying to break him out with the help of his wife Sara and some escapees of the Fox River State Penitentiary.

The new season brings the events up to date by adding ISIS and ISA terrorists on the plot. This makes the series more complicated and dangerous. Lincoln is committed to break out his brother Michael from what the "Prison Break" Season 5 implies as the worst prison system in the world.

This will probably force Lincoln to sacrifice himself in this dangerous mission to protect Michael from the new villains of the series and get him out of prison. There is no confirmation yet of how this will happen, so fans will have to watch how events will develop in this new and deathly intriguing story.

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