'Prison Break' Season 5 Spoilers, News And Update: The Gang Rescues Michael From Terrorist ISIS And ISA; Who Is Sara's New Husband?

"Prison Break" Season 5 is the much-awaited comeback of the series after a seven-year break. The new season's storyline includes Michael Scofield possibly entangled with terrorist group ISIS and ISA that resulted to him being locked in prison in Yemen. Meanwhile, the latest trailer of the series indicates Sara Tancredi has a new husband and this made fans curious who that person could be.

Wentworth Miller, who plays Michael Scofield, revealed that his character ended up doing work for a secret organization that is likely doing illegal transactions. This is probably the reason why he ended up in prison. According to Dominic Purcell, playing as Lincoln Burrow, ISIS and ISA is included in season 5's storyline. This means that the terrorist groups may play a part in making sure Wentworth doesn't get out of prison.

As for hints about Sara Tancredi and her new husband, the latest trailer for the upcoming series shows her son asking "How was my father like my real father?" This could mean that Tancredi already has a new husband but the trailer did not reveal his identity nor his existence. It can be remembered that everyone believes Michael is dead. The last few episodes even show Sara visiting Michael's grave with her son so having a new husband doesn't make her a bad person.

One possible character rumored to be Tancredi's new husband is Paul Kellerman, played by Paul Adelstein. He was first introduced in season 1 as a stereotypical villain but later had a change-of-heart and even became a congressman in season 4. Rumors claim that after all that he has gone through, he will do everything to protect Sara and her child and eventually fell in love with her.

The new season will consist of 10 episodes but no announcement yet has been made if there will be more seasons to anticipate for the series or if this will be its last one.

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