Microsoft Surface Pro 5: 2017 Release Date, Specs And Features

By Adie Pie , Oct 03, 2016 03:30 AM EDT

The tech world has been waiting for the Surface family of Microsoft to expand for quite a while now. With various reports pointing towards a 2016 release date and event, there has been no time for the news to actually sink in. However, the specs that are expected in the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might actually be indicative of a 2017 release date instead.

The Release Date

As reported by iDigitalTimes, the claim of a 2016 release date is not that solid. At this point, Microsoft has kept quiet on any release, or even an event indicating the same. With just three months left in the year, it is more possible that the release might actually be in the early months of 2017.

Furthermore, there have been delays on certain specifications and features that are expected to arrive with the Surface Pro 5, which does not help the case of an upcoming release. These include Intel's Kaby Lake processor and an update to Windows 10 - known as Redstone 2.


As mentioned earlier, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to come powered by the Kaby Lake processor from Intel. However, unless the chip has been hidden exceptionally well, the item is still not widely available. In addition, the pace at which Microsoft would have to produce the new gadget in the time from when the processor was made available to the end of the year is almost unfathomable.

Nevertheless, the device is also expected to come with a magnetic pen and a screen that supports 4K content. But as NeuroGadget notes, the 4K compatible screen might come as an upgrade, but will not be available for the base unit of the Surface Pro 5.


Redstone 2, which is an upcoming update to the Windows 10 operating system, is expected to come out of the box for the Surface Pro 5. However, at this point in time, Microsoft has not even mentioned when the same will be showcased.

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