‘Marco Polo’ Season 3 Not Cancelled; Showrunner Admits Cast & Crew Are Ready For Upcoming Season

By Jen Aguilar , Oct 04, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

The historical drama “Marco Polo” continues to earn massive support from its followers despite endless cancellation rumors.

Netflix remains mum on the issue, hence, the series’ third season’s termination looms. Not now as showrunner John Fusco and the rest of the team are more than eager to continue the historical drama.

“Marco Polo” Season 3 has been theorized to have ended with its second season due to its expensive production budget that the giant streaming network cannot maintain and Benedict Wong’s alleged departure from the show caused by his busy schedule with other big projects.

Recent reports surfaced claiming that Fusco admitted everyone’s readiness in the set, from production crew to the entire cast, for the upcoming installment of "Marco Polo." It was also said that should Netflix decide not to pursue the series in their company, it will still find its way to be aired in another network as Fusco and his team are presumed to be discussing the issue with HBO's Richard Plepler, AMC's Josh Sapan, A+E's Nancy Dubuc and NBC Universal's Bonnie Hammer.

Another clue that the show is possible to return on its regular programming is Wong’s final appearance as Kublai Khan in season 3 but his character is set to die in the hands of a warrior priest. Should this come into fruition, Khan’s demise will contribute to major twists in the storyline.

While the mentioned information remains as a grain of salt, it is better to be open to any possibilities in the future of the tv show. Its positive reviews and impressive ratings may not be enough to give them the green light but there is still a flicker of hope left that could turn tables.

Should “Marco Polo” season 3 gets an official release date, its huge fan base will be more than delighted to journey with the characters both in action and in drama.

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