‘Lucifer’ Actress Tricia Helfer Talks About How Her Character Is Not As Bad As She Is Painted To Be

By Monica Macalinao , Oct 04, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Lucifer's mom is in town and she is not quite what people expected her to be. "Lucifer" season 2 premiere followed the story of Lucifer and Amenadiel searching for their mom who escaped her prison in hell Towards the end of the episode, in comes a long legged blonde beauty that turned out to be Mom. She then collapsed in the arms of Lucifer muttering, "Lucifer, help me."

It was such a surprising entrance for her character given that Lucifer and Amenadiel seemed so scared of her. So what it is about Mom and how will she be like for the rest of the season?

In an interview with Empire, Tricia Helfer who plays Charlotte, Lucifer and Amenadiel's mom, talked about her character and revealed the story arc that will play all through out the second season.

Tricia Helfer mentioned that during the first part of the season, her character is still trying to get used to her surroundings and will try to start working on getting what was taken from her. Towards the middle of the season, the viewers will find what her agenda is and see a darker side of Mom.

She said, "She's not shy and while she's not 'evil,' per se, humans mean nothing to her. She sort of looks at them as insects."

When asked to tell more about her character, Tricia Helfer believes that she is set up to be a little worrisome. But she also thinks that Mom is just like any other mom who loves her children.

"There's been a lot of miscommunication happening between her boys and her," Tricia Helfer said. She further added, "She wants to set the record straight. She wants to be with her boys, but she also wants to set the record straight."

Tricia was asked to describe her character in one word and she said, "Misunderstood."

"Lucifer" airs every Monday at 9PM on Fox.

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