'Overwatch' DLC, Tournament Update: Sombra, Athena Playable Characters Roll-out Anytime This Month? Tournament Qualifiers Kick-Off Schedule Here!

The "Overwatch" expansion is rumored to be released in October. Rumor has it that the new DLC will be adding more characters among the playable combatants and that may include the cloaked Sombra. Moreover, the "Overwatch" tournament has already begun.

"Overwatch" character Sombra is reportedly a playable character in the next expansion of the first shooter game. In fact, it is said that the next expansion would revolve around this character. The cloaked character had been a part of the game as an unplayable character.

Sombra is said to be working remotely outside the walls of Dorado, Mexico. The soon-to-be playable character is allegedly  highly skilled in keylogging and information gathering. It is also said that the strange-looking character had a major involvement in the global hacking incident in the game.

Additionally, Athena is expected to be a support character, helping the players during a fight. It is said that Athena will roll out first and that Sombra will be featured afterwards.

Game developer Blizzard is expected to launch a Halloween-inspired update being that Halloween is only several weeks away. Leaked images from Reddit users showed Halloween skins for Roadhog and Junkrat. Blizzard is yet to confirm any rumors regarding their latest expansion of "Overwatch".

In other news, the "Overwatch" MSI MGA 2016 Online Qualifiers is slated to commence Oct. 4 in the U.S.A., Oct. 7 all through Oct. 11 in Europe. The top eSports teams will come from 46 different countries and will compete for tickets to the Grand Finals on Dec. 7 at Gfinity Arena in London where the grand prize is $75,000.

The "Overwatch" tournament includes many renowned teams from the pro-leagues in Asia, Europe and America. Among them are Newbee, DeToNato, KongDoo and KongDoo-2 from Asia, Reunited, Sydioda and team LDLC from Europe, and Cloud9, SelflessGG and Team Liquid from the Americas. The top eight teams will compete in the Region Finals from Oct. 14 to 21..

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