‘Pokemon Go’ Attack Chart, Win-The-Gym Site Shows Best Matchups; Lapsed Players Building-Up?

By Lizzie Mefford , Oct 04, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" players need to understand which types of Pokemon are effective or ineffective against the others before going into battles. Given that, some hardcore players across the globe have reportedly created attack charts that provide exactly the things that everyone needs to know.

The first "Pokemon Go" chart highlights the types that are highly effective against other types. These effective attacks are believed to give a significant amount of damage. Reddit user shaggorama is reported to create a chart that illustrates the matchups, but was eventually changed by user starlightmica to make it a little clearer.

However, the "Pokemon Go" chart only indicates situations when a Pokemon type is extremely effective against another type, while the second type is not effective as well, against an original type. For instance, while Dark is believed to be super effective against Ghost, the latter may also be unlikely effective against Dark. Based on this, the two factors likely suggests that Dark is an ideal type to use Dark, making a matchup out of this. In fact, reports indicate several other types that are considered effective against Dark, although not all of those is Dark also not effective against them.

For a more detailed "Pokemon Go" matchup, a website called Win the Gym provides a complete list of Pokemon that are effective against the other.

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Go" is reportedly showing signs of decline. Based on the data collected by SurkeyMonkey, Apptopia and Sensor Tower, it shows that the game's daily active users, engagement, download numbers and time spent on the app every day are much lower compared to the time when it was at the peak of popularity, is also observed to have continuous decline.

"Pokemon Go" player's most common problem is in terms of the battery life and data allowance.  With a limited contract, the game reportedly sap up their data within the initial two weeks, and hopping between WiFi hotspots seems to make the whole "Pokemon Go" experience less exciting for some.

"Pokemon Go" Battle Chart - Pokemon Go Pokemon Type Chart For Gym Battles


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