May The Force Be With You: Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star Expansion Available Now

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Oct 05, 2016 12:48 AM EDT

We carry on our look at Star Wars Battlefront DLC with a plunge into the most important things to know around the Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

EA DICE guaranteed four Star Wars Battlefront DLC expansion packs to those that own the game on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star initial development came out on September 20 for people who own the game's season pass and just download the new version to expand there experience. As with all Battlefront expansions, timely pass-owners get a two-week head start it can be narrowed down to however, in two weeks have now passed, so beginning today anyone can avail the expansion at $15.

As of 7:15 AM ET, the Death Star is not yet accessible to buy on Xbox One. It should come out on all versions later today in which Star Wars expectators needed to expand since they already been in hype since the teaser posted. We'll update this post when that happens. But before that, watch again the "Star Wars" Battlefront: Death Star Gameplay Trailer.

Death Star is Battlefront's third paid expansion, succeeding Outer Rim and Bespin. The fourth and final one, Rogue One: Scarif, comes out this holiday season; it is based on the forthcoming movie. The Death Star expansion added five new maps and basically lets you recreate the scene from A New Hope where Luke Skywalker blows up and defeated the Death Star. There are also more advanced weapons and Star Cards, while Chewbacca and Bossk have been affixed as hero characters.

Additionally, Battlefront's level capacity has been increased to 90. An update released alongside Death Star in September also made an enumerate of hero/villain changes and fixed a lot of technical problems. You can see the full patch notes here.

In other Battlefront news, the servers for all platforms were updated in the past day to mend the stability of larger game conditions. The update also fixed an non-specific credit manipulation, EA wrote in its forums

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