Kim Kardashian Robbery: Was It A Celebrity Stunt?

Last weekend, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian shocked the world when it was reported that the latter was held at gunpoint, gagged, and robbed while she was in Paris for the Fashion Week. Kardashian's mobile phones, credit cards, and jewelries were stolen. The jewelries alone were worth at least $9 million. 

Although Kardashian clearly went through a terrifying experience, people are skeptical and have thought of conspiracy theories whether or not the robbery was fake. There were some angles of the story, which made people doubt the gravity of the incident.

Many have sympathized with Kardashian but there are people who thought that the robbery might have been a celebrity stunt to boost the ratings of the celebrity's reality TV show. People have pointed out why Kardashian was alone in her discreet luxurious apartment in the first place when she left the Fashion Week event earlier with her bodyguard, making people to speculate that the robbery was either a hoax or an inside job.

New information regarding the robbery has come up as well. According to reports, Kardashian actually was able to flee from her assailants when she was able to loosen the ties around her wrists. She was gagged and tied up inside her bathroom. Shocked with being ambushed at gunpoint and fearing she was going to be raped, Kardashian ran quietly to her friend who was hiding downstairs.

She claimed that she was on the phone calling her bodyguard when her mobile was forcibly taken from her. It has also been revealed that prior to the robbery, two men pretended to be a photographer and a detective have followed Kardashian to wherever she went for at least three days. 

Kardashian's family has been placed under police protection ever since the incident fearing there will be possible blackmail or that they may become targets as well. The authorities are still investigating about the matter whether or not the robbery was staged.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has not been posting anything on her public social networking accounts since the incident and is yet to make a statement regarding this matter.

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