Pokemon Go Cheat Update: More GPS Tracking Apps Blocked

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 05, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

The GPS tracking apps of those Pokemon Go cheaters have been noticed to have certain issues. It is currently not working right. Some expert developers in the hacking industry said that Niantic and some of its allies are working up in bringing these certain types of problems at the scene. One of the cases is that of the Go Scan. The PokeVision was its predecessor, and similarly, it was forced to stop its further development. One developer that goes by the username DaiBu2 on Reddit said "looks like Niantic has thrown a wrench at us that we can't (or have no motivation to) get past." He even added that "it was a fun ride".

During its existence, Go Scan has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by over 9 million Pokemon. It might not have been as high profile as PokeVision Go, but surely it has made an impact to those users. This endeavor of Niantic is considered to be their initiative so that tracking advantages, which are not part of the official release of Pokemon Go, will be eliminated or minimized. Some GPS mapping solutions were also shut down for API usage. PokeDetector and ScanGo have influenced the FastPokeMap's connectivity. The access to this web app service was blocked by the creator. It was found out by developers that over 60% out of the six million daily user activity came from third-party solution. This was figured out through the free access to the API. Access restrictions were implemented so that the cost of the service will be reasonable for both owners, as well as it can be made free for players.  

For developers who still prefer to utilize the FastPokeMap, there is an ongoing development on a specific API that limits six calls in a minute. This is expected to reduce server load, while still keeping operational demand at an optimum level just to maintain the project's open nature.


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