Pokemon Go Update: Legendary Events That Bring In Legendary Pokemon Confirmed

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 06, 2016 04:22 AM EDT

Niantic CEO John Hanke has been openly discussing the future plans for Pokemon Go recently. This time, he tackled on the game's development update. During his interview on Recode, several issues were deliberated such as addressing the limited PokeStops on rural areas, a key to the PVP details and Legendary Pokemon and events to name some. It has been previously reported that these legendary Pokemon are not included during Pokemon Go's official launch yet. However, they are seen on the game's PokeDex as part of the first set of Pokemon. Currently, the fans are still waiting for the announcement from Niantic regarding these Pokemon.

According to Otakukart, John Hanke said on his latest interview that they are planning on launching big events. However, he expressed caution on making sure they can handle such horde of players. He also added that these events will operate similarly with Ingress where players will cooperate with each other to achieve such goal. Based on the transcript of the interview, the CEO envisioned his other plans on these said events and releasing these legendary Pokemon on the event.

John Hanke said that the event will possibly run in two out of three months every quarter of the year. The company will make one the same event for every regions; one in Asia, one in US and one in Europe on a single weekend for a 24-hour span. The company's primary intention is to hold the big events on some notable landmarks all over the world. By launching these legendary events, it is expected to bring some hype on the community and make it stronger by keeping them excited over time.

Although the idea of these events are the same with Ingress, but John Hanke thinks that Pokemon Go's approach will be different. Having these event encourages players to move to the parts of the city as part of the tour while competing. In addition, he also said that nothing can compare the level of swag on having a bit of get-together after the event while waiting for the announcement of winners. Lastly, John Hanke said that these legendary events will come. However, he cannot give the exact date just yet.


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