Apple Sued Over iPhone 6 'Touch Disease'

By Richmoon , Oct 06, 2016 12:50 PM EDT

A number of people have whined about the weakening sensitivity and spotty touchscreen panel on their iPhone 6 device as it got older. The device's touch screen becomes unresponsive, it freezes and it can not be used properly.

This problem has been named as "touch disease" and iPhone repair technicians are receiving an inflating number of users who experiences the said infuriating issue which is said to be communal in the iPhone 6 Plus version.

Faulty Internal Chips is the Culprit

In a report from iFixit, the problem is caused by a strain on the device's internal touchscreen chips. These chips were not secured properly and this causes the failure. If the problem manifests, the device's screen will no longer respond to touch, no input capabilities, can not write SMS or take photos, and other issues will arise.

The Silence of the Cupertino Tech Giant

"Apple has long been aware of the defective iPhones," the complaint says. "Apple failed to adequately research, design, test, and/or manufacture the iPhones before warranting, advertising, promoting, marketing, and selling" the devices, which led to an "ascertainable loss."

Meanwhile, the problem is within a small percentage of the number of users worldwide and it is not really globally extensive, but this could possibly impact thousands of users who carry this device.

The company employees have admitted that they are aware of the problem, but they are unable to fix it. Since Apple does not take liability for devices after they have been fixed by a third-party, Apple Store employees cannot refer outside help either. Independent technicians who tried explaining the cause of the defect in a forum were censored and banned from the company's online support communities. Across the border, Canada and Quebec-based iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users also filed class action lawsuits for Apple's poor handling of the "touch disease" in September.

Apple has yet to officially release a statement regarding this issue.

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