'Re:Zero' Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, News And Update: Meet New Character Lewes; Series Has Its Own Version Of Garfield And Nermel?

"Re:Zero" introduces Lewes and her character design on their official Twitter page. Lewes is seen as a cute and petite girl wearing a cloak that hides her mouth while holding a peculiar wand. According to reports, Lewes can be expected to be seen in the manga's volume 10. Moreover, "Re:Zero" promises to share another character design tomorrow which is allegedly their own design of Garfield and Nermel.

Lewes Meyer is just one of the many copies Lewes Meyer has. The original body of Meyer is believed to be used by Echidna who is later known as Omega. All the copies of Meyer look exactly the same and are completely created from mana. This forces the copies to change locations when they reach their limit for the day and recharge. Each copy of Meyer takes on the place of her copy every four days.

Most of the clones of Meyer are just simple workers who are just there to do its duties but four were able to have their own personality. Those that have proven their discipleship to Echidna are given the power to command the clones by just touching the crystal where the real Lewes Meyer is.

The real Lewes Meyer was placed inside the crystal in her own free will. She did this with the agreement that Echidna will keep the Sanctuary. Echidna placed her soul in Meyer's body and called herself Omega. She created copies of Meyer for an experiment to find immortality. However, her plans failed when Satella killed her leaving the 4 Lewes with personality in charge of the sanctuary.

Re:Zero is a light novel series from Japan written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. The story focuses on Subaru Natsuki who is unexplainably transported in another dimension as he walks his way home.

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