'Re: Zero' Season 2 Updates: New Material Out In Novel Vol. 10, To Answer Questions About Rem's Disappearance?

"Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World" just ended with 25 episodes in a cliffhanger, and now the exhausting wait for "Re: Zero" season 2 has started. However, it seems the staff are giving fans a little hope with the upcoming release of "Re: Zero" novel volume 10, which picks up from the last arc in the anime series.

The 9th volume came out on Sept. 23 while "Re: Zero" novel volume 10 will be released on Oct. 25. The series has already reached more than two million printed copies.

Recently, a poster hinting "Re: Zero" season 2 and the light novel was spotted in a subway in Japan, Anime News Network reported. The exact words on the poster were translated as follows:

Original Work: Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
"That's All This Story Is About" isn't over.

The latest 9th novel volume
"That's All This Story Is About"... absolutely can't end here.

"That's All This Story Is About" refers to the title of the last episode of the anime series. "Re: Zero" features the story of Subaru Natsuki, an ordinary guy who was summoned in another world on his way from the convenience store. However, he had no idea why he was summoned or who summoned him. He befriended a half-elf girl with silver hair and they both got killed. But Subaru mysteriously awakened and discovered an ability called "Return by Death" which enables him to return back to time by dying.

Fans are especially eager to find out what happened to Rem, who is still missing in the series. The last episode wasn't able to cover much of the missing links and hopefully the upcoming novel would be able to answer some questions. With just one volume as newly added material, it seems like the wait for  "Re: Zero" season 2 will be a long one.

Meanwhile, the anime is currently being made into a video game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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