Home Is Google’s Best Product Yet, Find Out Why

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Oct 07, 2016 01:05 PM EDT

Google has gone big on its products. Not only do they have the search engine and cloud service to boot, they also have a new set of Pixel phones, a VR headset, a new line of products with Chromecast updates and a wireless router that allows faster searches on the web. On top of that, they held an international science fair to discover new talents in creating things worth sharing on the web. Even so, among all of Google's new products, the Home is their best yet.

At first look, the Google Home looks just like a speaker. But, it also happens to be a personal assistant of sorts. Users just have to say the magic word, "OK, Google" and Home will start working for them. With the lot of services and apps that Google has access to, users will seldom have an unanswered question for their needs and requests compared to other personal assistants.

The Home's multiple capabilities

With the Google Home, users can play music from Google Play or Youtube. They can also stream music from Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn. Users who already have the Chromecast can also use the Google Home to stream any other audio service since it works as an audio receiver. With a more powerful and more intelligent Google Assistant, Home can also be used to send any information like directions to phone; a feature that is limited to the Pixel phones at the moment.

Home can also sync multiple speakers and create a multiroom audio for the best music experience. More than that, Home makes it possible for users to cast their own content, like their photos and videos, on TV using Chromecast. Connected home devices like light bulbs and thermostats can be controlled, too. On top of that, Home is a natural at conversations which is great for those who are new to personal assistants.

For new technologies, price matter

So what makes the Home Google's best product yet? It's not as expensive as the rest of Google's products. For a price of $129, the Home allows users to live a more convenient life from asking about their day's appointment to showing them their favorite shows on TV even while sitting down. It is a modern day genie for most consumers who are always on the go and wishes to have their every wish and command granted.

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