Track Hurricane Matthew With These Apps

Hurricane Matthew is fast-approaching, making sure to leave behind a trail of disaster behind. With today's technology, the public can stay alerted regarding its location and track its path using apps. There are a handful of tracking apps available in iOS and Android that can be used to track Hurricane Matthew. Some, however, would need the users to shell out a certain amount of sum.

Apps to Track Hurricane Matthew

According to Mashable, Hurricane Tracker is a pretty good one that can be download in the iOS App Store. It costs $3.99, but with it, users can get real-time news and updates regarding Hurricane Matthew from the National Hurricane Center. Users can also send information from the app to their friends, family, or anyone through text, Twitter or Facebook.

For Android users, there is Hurricane Hound from the Google Play Store. There is an ad-free version that costs $1.99, but there is also a free version that is riddled with advertisements. Even so, it can still function as a means of getting up-to-date information from the National Weather Service including Hurricane Matthew news, forecasts and public advisories.

There are also plenty of free apps that can do the job quite well. One is called Hurricane, which is by the American Red Cross, as per Heavy. It has a lot of features, such as tracking a certain storm's path, giving updates about its effects, setting up alerts and sending information to others. The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Hurricane Matthew Effect to U.S.

Hurricane Matthew just turned category 4 a few days ago. It has already been destroying homes and sending out storm surges in everything in its path. It is currently trailing along the Northeast Florida as of this writing.

"This storm will kill you," Gov. Rick Scott warned today. Residents in the anticipated affected areas were ordered to evacuate immediately.

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