'Amazing World of Gumball' Creator Leaves The Show; Cartoon Network To Continue The Series Without Him?

It looks like "Amazing World of Gumball" is here to stay despite creator Ben Bocquelet's decision to end the show in season 6. Cartoon Network has just announced that they will continue to produce the show but Bocquelet may no longer be a part of it.

According to reports, Cartoon Network UK has confirmed Bocquelet is still working on season 6 but will be moving on after that. ". We respect people move on from projects but we have a great and talented team behind the show. To date the series has won 28 international awards including 6 BAFTAs, and is also our most viewed Turner-produced show globally with more than 170 million tuning in worldwide last quarter. We have just greenlit another season and will continue producing the show and engaging fans across the world."

It can be remembered that the creator of the show announced on his Twitter account his decision to end "Amazing World of Gumball" after the 6th season. He tweeted "Hi guys, so yes to clarify we're bringing Gumball to its final episode at the end of season six." A fan replied to his tweet asking if the series was canceled by CN or if it was just his decision and Bocquelet replied with "No it's my decision"

The animated series first aired in 2011 where the story centers around the middle school adventures of a 12-year-old cat named Gumball Watterson in Elmore city. He is always with his adoptive brother Darwin, a goldfish, and together they always find themselves in trouble around their neighborhood. He is joined by his parents Richard and Nicole and sister Anais. The animated series is also known for its unique styles and techniques in filming scenes which include traditional animation, CGI, stop motion, puppetry, flash animation and live action.

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