Kristen Stewart On ‘Personal Shopper’ New Ghost Movie: 'Some Of The Sexiest Stuff I’ve Done Onscreen'

Kristen Stewart's "Personal Shopper" new scary movie tells about what it's like to have a 'ghost' as a text mate. She plays the role of a fashion assistant in the film whose job is to choose and pick up jewelry and designer clothes for a French celebrity. The film was first screened in the Cannes Film Festival last May.

The Movie Is About Working With A Ghost

The film was screened on Thursday in New York at the New York Film Festival. While being a gofer, Kristen Stewart's "Personal Shopper" character, Maureen, is mourning her dead brother, with whom she thinks she can communicate in spirit. When Maureen is not working as a fashion assistant, she works as a part-time medium. She spends nights on the French estate of her recently deceased brother hoping to communicate with his spirit.

Her efforts bore fruit one night when she came face-to-face with something eerie. However, it might not be in any way connected with her dead brother. Incidentally Stewart and her director Olivier Assayas believe ghosts are real and that there's a real possibility that paranormal activities exist.

She Is Not Afraid Of Baring It All

In Kristen Stewart's "Personal Shopper" ghost movie, she will have some sexy nude scenes. She felt that these scenes are important since it was a key element of her character. "I wasn't afraid of [the nude scenes]," said Stewart at the Cannes Film Festival as per a Vanity Fair report. "I will do anything, I really appreciate all of it," she added.

The movie is really about finding herself ... It's an enormous identity crisis movie and I really leaned into that," she continued. "I wanted to be the most naked person I could be. The only way to do that is to really get naked," she said. Kristen Stewart's "Personal Shopper" ghost movie is the second collaboration between her and film director Assayas.

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