‘Westworld’ Season 1 Episode 2 Released Early; New Character Arrived At The Park; Teddy Randomly Shot And Killed?

HBO drama "Westworld" made a successful premiere last week and has launched episode 2 a bit earlier than expected.

The following parts will contain spoilers, so fans who have not watched it yet should proceed with caution.

Episode 2 kicks of with Dolores, she wakes up to a voice who seems to be commanding her. She breaks some protocol and starts going off on her own in the night. Bernard, as viewers found out has a suspicion that someone has been altering the robot's programming. This is something Dolores has no recollection of.

Bernard tells her not to tell anyone of their little meetings and tells her to erase her memory of this night. She obliges but viewers are given a hint that she did not fully obey. She walks back but after a while goes out again to dig something on the ground. It is revealed to be a revolver.

Episode 2 is also giving viewers new characters in the form of William and Logan. It is William's first time in Westworld, and he gets the usual orientation as what the viewers have known about this mysterious park. Or as one of the employees say:

"No orientation, no guidebook-figuring out how it works is half the fun,"

While William seems to be a decent man (He refused to engage in any sexual activities), Logan, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He is violent towards those he thinks are annoying and does what he pleases inside the park.

We also see a shot of Teddy getting "murdered" yet again in a random act of senseless violence, at this point he is becoming the "Westworld's" version of Kenny from Southpark.

Episode 2 also gives fans another insight into the mind of the park director, Dr. Ford. He guides a young boy while telling viewers a sadder view of Westworld.

Episode 3 of "Westworld" will air on Oct. 16, 2016.

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