‘Westworld’ Not Like ‘Game Of Thrones’; Showrunner Says It Is More Than That

HBO's latest ambitious TV Show "Westworld" is nearing its airing date, and most people in the know has already branded it as the next "Game of Thrones".

"Game of Thrones" is such a massive hit, and a show unlike any other seen in the history of television. With its huge cast and big budget, the show helped usher in a new era or big production television spectacle that fans still see up to now. But the truth is, "Game of Thrones" is nearing the end of its run as showrunners are planning to make the next two seasons as its final.

And this is where the comparison with "Westworld" begins. As it seems like HBO is making an obvious attempt to pass the "Game of Thrones" torch with another large production science fiction drama that also sports an incredible cast.

While both shows sport those striking similarities. The show "Westworld" aims to be more than just a simple hack and slash epic. While "Game of Thrones" certainly does not fall into that category, the show's Shakespearean twists and turns are far off to what the makers of "Westworld" wants to bring to the table.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, show creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were asked what the show was all about, and she replied:

"It's an examination of human nature from the outside looking in - from the perspective of creatures that are not human, but are designed to look like they are. They're examining the creatures they were modeled after, and judging them."

This perfectly encapsulates what the television show is all about, while "Game of Thrones" and "Westworld" both sport elaborate large sets and immersive worlds, "Game of Thrones" uses the sprawling expanses of Westeros to effectively tell an epic tale while "Westworld" will focus on the psychological aspect of its characters and how it relates to our society.

And with technology speeding up at a super fast rate, "Westworld" is a must watch television show that will definitely hit home.

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