Oculus Rift Cheaper Version Might Arrive Soon

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 08, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Oculus Rift is considered as one of the best VR machines today. However, it is undeniably expensive for some gamers who wish to own a VR headset. Thankfully though, Facebook CEO hinted during the Oculus Connect 3 remote speech that a more affordable version of the VR machine is now under development and will be expected to arrive soon.

According to Game Rant, the current virtual reality headset's price is around the $600 mark while Oculus suggested that the machine has a full price tag of $1,500 including the computer to run it. Since the day it was announced, most of the gamers expect the Oculus Rift to be cheaper while only a few expected for it to be that expensive. If you felt that the current price of Oculus is a bit pricey, Mark Zuckerberg reveals that the developers of Oculus Rift are now working on a new wireless virtual reality headset.

Based on the reports, although Zuckerberg did not go into details about this new project, he did confirm that the new virtual headset is intended to be a mid-level and more affordable option that exists between budget headset such as Gear VR and the current Rift. During the event, it was also revealed that the minimum specifications required in order to run the Oculus Rift has been lowered. Brendan Iribe, Oculus VR's Co-founder said that gamers can now run and use the headset with a $500 computer.

Oculus Rift's pricing news just came out days before the PlayStation VR launch, with mostly the latest virtual reality headset from Sony considered a critical key piece towards the adaptation of virtual reality headset, which results to a pricey VR machine. On the other hand, the upcoming wireless VR headset from Oculus is still on its prototype stage while hoping for players to hold their wallets a bit longer for the affordable version of Oculus Rift.


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