HTC Posts Revenue Growth In Over A Year

By Joem Cua , Oct 08, 2016 01:50 PM EDT

HTC just released its September earnings and posted an increase in their revenue, an achievement that has been missing from the company's financial reports in 15 months. The taiwanese company is posing for more good news in the coming months with the release of Google Pixel Phones that the company worked under the hood.

Increased revenue in over a year

HTC, according to Digitimes, recorded a 41 percent increase in monthly revenue and 31.3 percent increase in year-on-year revenue hitting a record-high in over a year. The source noted the company's shipments of HTC Desire 10 smartphones, Google Pixel Phone and the HTC Vive as contributors to the growth in revenue.

Better than the second quarter

Last quarter, Wired reported that HTC suffered a loss of $133 Million and massive 44 percent decline in year-on-year comparison despite the release of the company's flagship smartphone HTC 10 and the hyped-up HTC Vive. HTC's performance this quarter is a breath of fresh air to anyone following the company's struggle that first started in October 2013.

HTC still behind last year's earning

In the same report, Digitimes however noted that though HTC posted an increase in revenue in third quarter, the accumulated earnings of the three quarters of 2016 is still 40 percent behind from last year. The market performance of the Google Pixel Phones would determine if there would be an increase again in the last quarter of the year or if it could surpass 2015 posted revenue of $3.64 billion.

HTC making another revenue growth in the last quarter of 2016 remains to be seen as it depends on the performance of Google Pixel Phones to carry the weight. It is said that if Google would employ its leadership in advertising and use some of its resources like YouTube or its search engine, the Pixel Phone would work and help HTC along the way.

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