Fallout 4 DLC Rumor: Upcoming DLC – New Content, VR, 4K Remaster Support?

By Benjie Batanes , Oct 10, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Fallout 4 will reportedly release a new DLC for the game. The unknown Fallout 4 downloadable content is coming to the game real soon.

Fallout 4: Nuka World - The Last DLC?

Bethesda representative Pete Hines posted on Twitter that Nuka World is the last DLC for Fallout 4. However a site called SteamDB has detected an upcoming downloadable content for the Fallout 4. Unfortunately, the name "SteamDB Unknown App 540810" is the only information available for this Fallout 4 DLC.

SteamDB is a website that provides more details about the various games and accompanying DLC available in Steam. The information includes the game's app ID, publisher, date of release and if it available on Steam.

The Fallout 4 unknown app was included on Steam last October 6. All the previous DLC are included in the list such as Nuka-World and Vault-Tec Workshop. Even the DLCs' dates of release have also been listed. However, the unknown App has no release date yet.

Fallout 4: SteamDB Unknown App Rumors

There are various speculations on what this new downloadable content will add to Fallout 4. This could be a Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC which is similar to one in Fallout Vegas, according to ESO. However, the gun system and MODs available to Fallout 4 seems to contradict this theory.

There is also the theory that this upcoming DLC is possibly a virtual reality support for Fallout 4. Bethesda is currently working with several VR systems that will enable players to play Fallout 4 in this latest gaming environment.

It is also possible that the unknown app is 4K graphic support for Fallout 4. This is also feasible since Bethesda is adding 4k support to the Remastered Skyrim game for the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The developer will have no problem adding 4K graphics to Fallout 4 since Skyrim was remastered using the Fallout 4 game engine.

Whatever this alleged DLC will bring to Fallout 4 will likely be welcomed by the game's fans especially if it's free.

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