'Homeland' Season 6 News And Update: Peter Quinn Survives; Claire Danes Admits Show's First Female President Have 'Clintonesque Traits'

According to reports, Peter Quinn is alive and will return in "Homeland" Season 6. This is after fans believed that the CIA agent is dead after seeing Carrie Mathison removes his pulse monitor in the last episode of season 5. Meanwhile, actress Claire Danes admits "Homeland's" female president is "tenacious and formidable" just like Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Last season, Peter Quinn was declared brain dead and rumors claim that the first episode of season 6 on January 15, 2017, will show him dead. However, actress Claire Danes reveal that he is not dead and has survived in the coming season. She also shares that the reason why her character will leave for New York is because Quinn will be staying there for therapy.

The resemblance of "Homeland" Season 6's first female president to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is undeniable. In fact, Danes discuss the traits that both nominees have in common. She says President Keane in the series is "politically more radical" and "a little rogue" which give her "Clinton-esque traits". The similarities between the two presidential nominees even made fans speculate that the series is endorsing HRC but creators say it was not done intentionally. Producers explain that the storyline has already been discussed and finalized even before the presidential election started.

"Homeland" Season 6 is expected to center on New York City and the effort against counter-terrorism. According to showrunner Alex Gansa, it is set 20 years after the 9/11 bombing where they will show why people is threatened by terrorism. It will also focus on the presidential election and the challenges of a first female president will go through.

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