Why The Upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 Will Have No Headphone Jack?

Before, students do only 3 things on their computer: to check emails, do some research regarding homework or recent topics, and type their research papers. All of these things can definitely be made on a MacBook Pro 2016. But things have changed as time passes by.

Today, the learning system is now being associated with the utilization of the internet, which is why we can just imagine how much of a great deal the use of laptops is nowadays for a student's everyday learning, not to mention that their laptop is now also considered as a lifestyle device with the ever-growing popularity of social media. Essentially, the laptop is now an everyday need for everyday needs.

Students expect the Macbook Pro 2016 to give them problems

These are just some of the reasons why the up and coming MacBook Pro 2016 presents some issues for a lot of users. Just like the disadvantage of the iPhone 7, a lot of speculations point out towards the new MacBook arriving without a headphone jack. Having these speculations rising up, most mac-using students anticipate that the newest edition of the MacBook will simply make life difficult for them.

Biggest issue on the 'jack-less concept

Arguably one of the major reasons why the headphone jack-less Macbook is the issue for music and sound performance. The headphone jack is necessary for recording artists, gamers, recorders, and all sorts of industry professionals, not to mention that students love listening to music on their Macbooks. It will simply be difficult since they are already accustomed to their wired headphones.

For professionals, particularly those who often listen to audio-visual files and tools, utilize a specific headphone, which is heavy-duty, sensitive audio headphones or even speakers. If the new MacBook 2016 does come without the usual headphone jack, then we would definitely be seeing more and more Mac users switching brands for the betterment of their jobs.

Don't do it, Apple

Overall, people have already shown dissatisfaction over the fact that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will have no headphone jack. If Apple does pursue this unaccepted trend, they will definitely expect to lose more than they will gain.

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