Mafia 3's New Bordeaux Takes More Walking Time Than Fallout 4

Mafia 3 is out now and this brand new open-world crime game brings a new feel. On the other hand, the game's map called New Bordeaux was the developer's sizeable version of New Orleans. Some of the players are enthralled as to how large the map is. Thankfully, a YouTube timelapser called TheyCallMeConnor showcases his extreme dedication to his job by offering players a walk across the map of Mafia 3.

According to Game Rant, YouTube Timelapser TheyCallMeConner is popular on finding out how long it takes to walk the entire map of a game. When Mafia 3 released, it did not take long for the channel to do the job as he put up a video of the game's main character, Lincoln, walking across the world of New Bordeaux.

After the said investigation, it was found out that Mafia 3's map takes 1 hour and 23 minutes of walk entirely. For a more relevant reference, the map takes more time than Fallout 4's 1 hour and 1 minute but timed below Red Redemption which recorded an hour and 40 minutes. The longest walk ever done by a YouTuber sits at an unbelievable 12 hours for walking half of the entire Planet in No Man's Sky.

Despite of Mafia 3's respectable world size, it is worth enough to say that the game is still below with the likes of Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of scale. However, some people seem to have several complains about the size than the game's playable area.

Based on the game's subreddit, Mafia 3 suffered several game issues resulting to doubts into its player-base whether the game needs more development time. But with the game, slowly addressing the concerns of its players through updates and patches, Mafia 3 will be most probably doing great.

On other aspect of the game, Mafia 3's Brutal System appears to be much stronger based on the players' perspective and that the main character could actually utilize various weapons in his fight.

Mafia 3 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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