Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: What To Do If App Stops Or Crashes

By Jupiter Isidro , Oct 11, 2016 06:01 AM EDT

Pokemon Go players have been through a lot - from the hard work it took (several mosquito bites and mom's nonstop calls) just to catch a rare Pokemon to the overwhelming feeling of taking over a level 5 gym (or that guy who took out a level 10 gym), and to the numerous times, the app decides to stop tracking your distance when walking your Buddy Pokemon. Nevertheless, these were all part of being a Pokemon Go follower - from the bad times to the awesome times to becoming the very best.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Go Has Stopped

Another unfortunate, inevitable moment for the loyal Pokemon Go player would have to be the numerous app crashes. The sinking feeling of receiving the "Unfortunately, Pokemon Go has stopped" message displayed on your phone screen while you're about to capture Snorlax is just unforgettable, you'd want to write it on your journal (pun intended).

Recently, there were recent reports of Pokemon Go crashing even without the app being completely opened and for Android users, the error message would then wildly appear. As explained in pokemongo, this is a generic error display for Android whenever the game crashes. Question is why is the Pokemon Go app crashing in the background?

For now, there are still no accurate explanation why Pokemon Go crashes but it was said that it could be related to Pokemon Go Plus or collecting details on the players. Due to this, a number of players were reported to have posted about how unhappy they were with the game now due to the latest bugs and problems. But could Niantic finally fix this? Or better, can we fix this?

How To Fix The Pokemon Go Crash Error

To fix the Pokemon Go closing down on you like a Pokemon breaking free with you feeling totally unprepared, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. This is the safest option so try this one out first before deciding to throw your phone away. Next if the problem still persists, force stop Pokemon Go app and then clear the app cache. This often works so do that as well. Now, if your game is still giving you headaches and trying to bring you down into oblivion, call Niantic support and beg for your life to give you free Google Play credits.

Pokemon Go is still going through updates and that includes bug fixes so no, you can't quit now. Lighten up and enjoy the quest to becoming the very best.

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