Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: What To Do When Your Egg Distance Tracker Is Not Updating

Pokemon Go has been surprising its loyal fans with new features every few weeks, a strategy that seemed to work quite well to keep its players and to lure new ones (no pun intended). Though we know Niantic has been working really hard to satisfy everyone including addressing complaints and Pokemon Go issues, there are still some bugs and glitches that players will have to go through until the next update comes.

One of the most annoying Pokemon Go glitches is when the egg distance tracker does not update. It suddenly stops registering a player's distance (who has probably walked all sweat and tears just to hatch a 10km egg) right when it's about to hatch an egg. Question is, how do we fix this?

Phone Restart

The first thing to try to fix this Pokemon Go egg distance tracking problem is to restart your phone. Turns out, turning the phone off and on again is said to get thePokemon Go distance tracker back up and running again, according to several Pokemon Go players.

Pokemon Go Journal

If this Pokemon Go issue still persists, try opening the journal and then start walking the distance you still have left. As explained, opening the journal is said to force the game to save your current location. When you have already walked the distance needed to hatch the egg, open the journal once again. This would register your new location and your distance would be updated.

Mobile Connection

Lastly, Pokemon Go players should also take into account that their phone's cellular connection could be the problem. To be sure that this is indeed the issue, try connecting to Wi-Fi and start walking! Anyway, players know how beneficial it is to walk with the Pokemon Go app running, not only do you get to hatch an egg, you'd get to walk your Pokemon buddy, too! And of course, burn those extra calories off (wink).

Still, everyone should still remember that the Pokemon Go distance tracker isn't anywhere close to perfect. Why? It's because the game pings the location every few minutes which will then register the distance between pings. This would eventually result to the game not picking up the right km distance when the player isn't walking in a completely straight line. Heads up, the distance tracker isn't like a pedometer.

Another thing to take note is that Pokemon Go has a speed limit of about 10.5 km/hour. So if you usually try to achieve the needed km distance by riding in your car (as the passenger, of course), or even running like a cheetah, the game will not be able to pick that up, sorry. Also, don't travel or walk in circles, the tracker will most likely get dizzy, i mean confused.

Here's a Pokemon Go Egg Hatching guide to help you in your quest to becoming the very best:


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