Clash Royale Update: How To Use Ice Golem In Tough Tournaments Prior October 14 Roll-Out

Clash Royale is slated to launch an update on Oct. 14 which will unlock a new rare card called Ice Golem. This new addition is equipped with a slow effect power and can also damage nearby enemies. Meanwhile, other Clash of Clan characters have been made into figures that can now be spotted in NYCC.

Clash Royale Card Roster

Clash Royale card roster is expanding every week and gamers have been purchasing powerful new units. The latest cards introduced are Inferno Dragon and Mega Minion and very soon a new card will be released, the Ice Golem. The new card is rare but not epic or legendary and may be acquired in Arena 8.

Clash Royale Brings Ice Golem

The Ice Golem in Clash Royale will be a building-targeting tank with an above average HP but relatively low damage. The Ice Golem can bring damage to nearby enemies although the damage is noticeably less than a Golem spawning Golemites. On the other hand, the Ice Golem can slow down nearby enemies temporarily like the Ice Wizard's Freeze spell.

Ice Golem's Importance In Clash Royale Gameplay

The Ice Golem is also expected to be a versatile Clash Royale  card especially in tough tournaments. The card can be used for defense, offense and distraction as well However, the Ice Golem may be slow behind other troops and may be the last target for enemy troops. Hence, the Ice Golem may be summoned ahead of the other units to maximize its slow effect.

Clash Royale New Figures

Meanwhile, new Clash Royale Figures have been spotted in the Kotobukiya booth at the New York Comic Con. Encased in a glass box in the said booth, the figures were six inches tall and stood next to diagrams showcasing how sculptors used references from the COC and Clash Royale to produce the figures. Furthermore, they are said to resemble more of statues than action figures.

The Clash Royale or Clash of Clans website do not currently sell the figures and neither are they sold at NYCC. However, the figures are reportedly in the works since summer. As of this writing, the publishers have not yet revealed the price or release date of the COC figures. Watch NEW GRAVEYARD + ICE GOLEM CARDS!! | Clash Royale NEW Potential Update Leak!! here:

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