'Clash Royale' Tournaments Are 100% Possible Without Passwords, Here's How To Do It; Arena Pack As Special Offer Brings New Gems, Gold; Troops Extremely Expensive?

Most "Clash Royale" tournaments require passwords but there is a way to join the "Clash Royale" tournament without password. Players can Open the app>Tournament Tab>Custom>Choose a Team. Another way is to Search>Random Letter (There is a tournament open at the end).

"Clash Royale" has been getting updates constantly. The biggest update feature disabling emotes, new legendary and rare cards, as well as two tournament modes. Previously, a tab showed a list of tournaments based on location, but this was removed in exchange for a new tournament mode called Challenges mode, the previous mode was called Custom.

The process will allow 100 percent success rate to enter a tournament. Players can leave the game at any point but for those who win something, the chest unlocks after four hours. Those who leave the tournament before this time will lose all progress at the end.

Meanwhile, "Clash Royale" special offers are available in Arena Packs with new cards or troops, gold and gems that can be used to advance in the game. The game relies on in-app purchases.

A "Clash Royale" notification for a new special offer will arrive once a week. When an Arena is unlocked, the Arena Pack Special Offer will appear 2 days after and costs $9.99 for a limited time.

A Legendary card in "Clash Royale"costs 40,000 gold or $20 gems, with free 1200 gems that cost $9.99 to buy. A kicker buyers will get 100,000 gold at $40 or 4500 gems. That is $70 worth of goods for $9.99.

"Clash Royale" Arena packs besides the Arena 9 pack will include the Giant Chest, Super Magical Chest or other chests which are also expensive including a bunch of cards for upgrades at no cost.

"Clash Royale" upgrades and new troops are reportedly expensive yet several YouTubers spend $5,000 in one sitting. The Special Offers for Each Arena are said to be 5 times its value of $9.99 that gives $50 worth of content and a ton of gold to be used for upgrades. For $9.99, buyers get 100,000 gold, 1200 gems and a Legendary card absolutely free.

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