Kim Kardashian Goes All Out By Hiring Secret Service Agents; Star Still Traumatized From The Robbery

Kim Kardashian is someone who will not commit the same mistake twice. Still traumatized from her recent robbery in Paris, she has now beefed up her security and has employed several secret agents.

The reality show star was gagged, handcuffed, and thrown into the bathtub by five men who dressed up as policemen last October 3 in her Paris apartment. She was held at gunpoint as she begged for her life and feared being raped by the armed men.

She lost $11 million worth of jewelry including her $3.5 million engagement ring from hubby Kanye West, some cash and two of her phones.

Kim Kardashian recently met with ex-Special Force members of the Israeli Army as well as former agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Secret Service. Kanye West also met with the owners of a couple of top security firms as an added measure in beefing up not just his wife's security but for his entire family.

Kanye West's wife will now have at least two bodyguards wherever she goes and will be transported through an armored car. Her current security will now rival that of the country's President.

Pascal Duvier, who was Kim's bodyguard during the robbery, has deleted all mentions of Kim Kardashian on his social media account as a security measure. "Pascal still works for them," according to a report. "He isn't irreplaceable though. The family really likes him, but he is not a family member. The new media report isn't making a difference for the family right now. But Kanye is evaluating his family's needs. He is ultimately the one who decides what happens with Pascal."

Her bodyguard was looking after Kim's sister Kendall and Kourtney during the incident. It is a common occurrence for Kim to dispatch Pascal and look after her sister's once she is safely at home as he also provides security not just for Kim, but for the whole family.

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